Forestry Ground Prep Ltd

Mission Statement.

 I have been scarifying for 27 years and in that time have built up a large valued client base.
The Bracke T26a scarifier has on board computer that allows the operator to set the scarifier
for the best results. Mixing the needle layer and top soil on a raised trench gives the plants a good start.
This also helps when thinning or clear falling.(no deep digger trenches)
I have found that on new planting sites the scarifier also handles deep heather well rolling it over and suppress
the growth for up to four years.
Seven years ago I acquired our first continuous mounder this has proved its worth in restock as well as new planting
sites. Environmentally on new planting this has less impact on watercourses and sets out the ground for better maintenance (spraying etc).
These machines have down pressure so this enables us to get at the mineral soil.
We can alter the width and mound distance.Thomas Powell. (Forestry Ground Prep Ltd)